How To Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes & Registraion 2019

How To Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes & Registration 2019

How To Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes & Registration 2019. It is not difficult because passes are available on official website of jeeto Pakistan and there helpline number. How To Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes & Registraion 2019 The passes and registration of 2019 will be started now. People who interested to participate in jeeto pakistan game show they can get passes easily because you can get passes with online registration. To get the passes online here contact to jeeto Pakistan helpline number or helpline number of ARY digital. You can get entry passes and tickets by call sms and submit online application with complete data.

jeeto pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan is a biggest game show of Pakistan the rating of tis show is very high because mostly people watch this game show every Friday and Sunday many people participate in jeeto paksitan and get many prizes and gifts.

Host Of Jeeto Pakistan Show

The host of this game show is Fahad Mustafa who is the hero of Pakistan. Fahad Mustafa is not only host of jeeto Pakistan show he is also a big actor model and producer of Pakistan Film Industry.

jeeto paksitan

He’s well know in Pakistani and other medias. The hosting of Fahad Mustafa is excellent because he is a talented boy and make this show very funny and interesting all audience likes his hosting.

Segments Of Jeeto Pakistan

There are many segments in Jeeto Pakistan game show and all segments are very interesting and funny in all segments there are millions prizes and gifts which given to the audience after the right answer and complete the task given by the host. The segments of jeeto Pakistan show given below one by one.

  • Jeet Kai Dikao
  • Dil Walay Inam Laijangay
  • Handi Charhao Inam Pakao
  • Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao
  • Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao
  • Sab Ly Jao
  • Sahulat Bazar
  • Nannay Ustad
  • Khul Gai Qismat
  • Celebrity Guest
  • Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon
  • Baat Banti Hai
  • Fakhr-e-Pakistan etc…..

How To Register and get passes in Jeeto Pakistan Show

There are differen procedure to register in Jeeto pakistan from these prcedure you can register easily in jeeto paksitan. If you can any confusion about registration and passes then you can take help of jeeto Pakistan helpline number. The procedure of registraion is given below.

Via Telephone

With the help of telephone you can regiter easily because the proces is very simple.
Via telephone to participate in “Jeeto Pakistan” simply yourself registered though the contact jeeto pakistan helpline number or click the link or though the SMS with your “Name”, CNIC Number” and “Contact Number” and sent to the jeeto Pakistan Number. From this procces you registered in jeeto pakistan and get passes easily.

Registration Via Official Website

Registration though the website you can easily register in jeeto paksitan show
For register go to the website below:

  • Select the jeeto Pakistan registration option
  • Fill in the number of you family members and thier CNIC NO.
  • Add your CNIC, contact number, adress with province and email in there options.
  • After fill the form read term and conditions and submit you application.

Rules And Conditions of Jeeto Pakistan:

  1. The managment has all rights to cancel or terminate the entry due to your any misbehave.
  2. All the rights of participation in the hans of authorized management.
  3. your eligibily of participate with family otherwise your entery cancelled.
  4. Incomplete or wrong informtion of any participation may cancelation your entry.

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