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Who doesn’t like “freebies”? Over a period of years, I have seen multiple game shows infamous for their glamour and prizes. The host having his way with people for prizes is a bit obnoxious for my taste. But who am I to complain when the others are having so much fun and winning big chunks of prizes. All at the same time Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number. Jeeto Pakistan, I think is a game show which takes the cake when it comes to family entertainment in ongoing. (NOT A BIG FAN OF “AP NAY GHALIB DHAIKHI HAI”). Often I with my friends talk about the reasons people appear on shows that make their fun. And do silly things, Is it for the prize? For fun? Or camera craze? Might be people are more frustrated from their routine life and want some fun. Get Free Jeeto pakistan head office information

jeeto pakistan head office number

But is it fun to “Do makeup on your male partners face and make them look like cartoons. Weighing fat women infront of all, eating maximum number of mangoes in minimum time, or do naghan dance to win a bike”? People are happy with all these games and call it fun. Even in our surroundings there are many people ho wish to be a part of Jeeto Pakistan TV show. People love “Mufta” . The race to become richer than others has taken its root deep in our nation. And TV shows like Jeeto Pakistan are a short cut to get things which otherwise one cant afford. Get all information about Jeeto Pakistan head office nmber from this website.

Segments of Jeeo Pakistan Game Show 2018

Before calling at Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number you must have some knowledge about the show. Jeeto Pakistan game show has amazing segments in it  to keep the audience hooked to the game show as well as the viewers to the TV. “Handi Charhao Inam Pakao” Segment to win the  prize at Jeeto Pakistan with your cooking skills and the yummiest dish will get the bike. “Jeet Kai Dikao” , “Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao” a rapid fire segment of different question and answer , where host interact with live audience and award gifts on correct answer.”

Khul Gai Qismat” This is a 4th  segment with no  games just  the host will give audience random items. “Dil Walay Inam Laijangay” The host invite couples randomly and play funny games. The segment makes the audience roll with laughter. “Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao” , “Sahulat Bazar”, “Celebrity Guest” A celebrity guest will be invited on the show to be a part of the exciting game round, played with some audience members. “Baat Banti Hai” A lucky audience member gets a chance to win 20 tola gold, “Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon” Jeeto Pakistan live tv show and game show also has something in store for couples. All they have to do is show some love to gifts.

Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi 2018

I remember calling Jeeto Pakistan’s head office number once and found myself inquiring about how to get a pass but that is all I could really do. ASK ONLY! We Islamabadies aren’t famous for our “Zinda dilli” … rather we tend to enjoy our peace and tranquility from time to time and if indeed we feel a bit more “Zinda dill” than the previous day, then my friend you can find us at F-9 park with our DSLR. That’s about the only excitement we tend to extract out of our lives on an average day (TRUST ME THERE ARE SOME UN-AVERAGE DAYS TOO IF YOU CAN CATCH MY DRIFT).

I have seen my friends complaining about the unethical behavior of the host of the game show (WE ARE NOT USED TO SOMEONE THRUSTING A MANGO IN OUR MOUTH…AHEM) and people begging the host to be given a certain prize just because that is the only thing in their life that is missing.I have even seen people bursting into tears when they were bestowed with their favorite prize and there was a bit over acting involved at time (ONE AUDIENCE MEMBER EVEN WISHED FOR THE HOST TO BE HIS FATHER) but we should not judge people in their weak moments. For all info about jeeto Pakistan head office number Karachi you are on right place.

Jeeto Pakistn Dialogue “SOCH LO”

Not everyone is blessed like the people of Islamabad are (PUN INTENDED). Karachi has its own set of mood and style. Fahad Mustafa is a talented and vibrant host with all qualities of uplifting his game at any given moment and his exceptional acting is what makes the crowd go wild and crazy. His copyright dialogue “ Soch Lo” is famous all around and I audiences really love the way he uses to say “Soch Lo” to help the contestant to win something big. I remember people begging him to say these magically helpful words to win car or bike. Also the way he give Ummrah tickets to deserving old people is highly appreciable.

So why does Islamabad not have its own game show? I remember calling Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number and telling them to shift their game show to Islamabad. The person who attended my call from jeeto Pakistan Head office was very courteous and polite and he told me in a very subtle tone that the number of audience member attending the Jeeto Pakistan gameshow in Karachi was always equal (or at times more) to the total population of Islamabad.

I knew he was joking but he was giving me a message between lines. Crowd of Islamabad could never get wild and crazy like the crowd of Karachi or Lahore for we have our classiness to consider (BORE LOG) For a game show to be doing well, a lot of it depends on how the crowd interacts with the host and the gameshow. We, Islamabadies would be sighing, taking deep breaths and then sighing some more, if ever a gameshow was in our town (OUR PINDI NEIGHBOURS, HOWEVER, ARE BAT SHiT WILD AND CRAZY).

Jeeto Pakistan Game Show Timing

Jokes apart, what I really appreciate about Jeeto Pakistan game show is its timing which is in the month of Ramadan. Fahad Mustafa does manage to host Jeeto Pakistan game show right after Iftar – a time when many of us are fighting with food coma and lying on our beds. I have heard people criticizing game shows like these, saying that it is an utterly waste of one’s time and that people should be going about their Travih and prayers but instead the Satin has trapped them in his devil’s-work. I don’t disagree with prayers and all but I think that a prayer is a matter of a person and his maker and it’s nobody’s business to interfere with. The soul of Ramadan is to sacrifice……. physically, financially and mentally.

I think what these games shows are doing, should be followed by everyone, and what they are doing you ask? They are giving away, throwing hundreds of thousands of rupees in prizes to people who might have not been able to afford it otherwise. Karachi has suffered a lot due to terrorism and extremism during the past decade and its people need to unwind. Decade of mental torture has turned into full blown psychosis for the people of Karachi and games shows like these are a big distraction, only if it is for a few hours at time.

Jeeto Pakistan Show Timing Ramadan

So giving expensive prizes in Ramadan in game shows like Jeeto Pakistan is not in any way, a head on collision with the way of Islam but it is in accordance with to the teachings of Islam. Mr. Fahad Mustafa has conducted the show in a very professional way (BETTER THEN MOST OF THE GAME SHOW HOSTS) and his charisma and energy has set high standard benchmarks for the game shows to come. Bottom line is that Fahad Mustafa has done his part and has played his heart out for this show and because of that, now Jeeto Pakistan stands at #1 Rank amongst the Pakistani TV game shows. I even know for a fact that this show has a huge audience overseas (FOLLOWERS OF SATAN, ACCORDING TO SOME MULLAHS). For more information about Jeeto Pakistan Head office Number visit our official website any time.

Jeeto Pakistan Contact Number 2018

Jeeto Pakistan game show has some breath taking segments too, which also make it worth watching, like gold winning game. Love people risking to try and win big, seeing people lose it all at different stages or take those dabba exchange risks and get through to that final decision and “Khoolo” moments and win the 20 tola gold.” I remember a guy who stuck at “1 gram ya 20 tola”, he refused all the offers given by host and decided to go with his own dabba, which unfortunately had only 1 gram gold in it. Also the “number game” in which contestants guessed hard but car goes to someone from audience. All these segments make Jeeto Pakistan worth watching show. I often dream of winning a car or gold from Jeeto Pakistan game show but believe me its not as simple as it looks.

The One-hour show is filled with crazy energy by host Mr.Fahad Mustafa, games and expensive prizes like 1000cc cars; bikes and 20 tola gold give the format a fresh spin. Winning big prizes like car or gold could be tricky one and the winner will have to pay taxes on the winning item. You don’t get to go home in the new car you just won, nor do the Jeeto Pakistan game show head office immediately pay you any money you win once you step off the stage.

It usually takes between 90 and 150 days to receive your call from the Jeeto Pakistan Head Office number to get your prizes. And when you call at Jeeto Pakistan Game show Head Office to claim your prize, they contacts the appropriate prize supplier to let them know that they have 90 days to send the gift,” says one of the winner of game show.

Win 20 Tola Gold at Jeeto Pakistan Show

So you see now that it’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved. The sponsors get to advertise their product, people get to spend some good time with their family (It’s a family show) and win some lush prizes (mobile phones, cash prizes, gold, motorbikes, laptops, electronic items, cars etc.) and at the end of the day everyone goes to their home happy and that is all there is to it. So my friend if you are bat shit crazy and want to spend some happy dimes, pick up your phone. Call Jeeto Pakistan head office number and book yourself a sitting with the charmed lady luck.

Win Pass By Calling At Jeeto Pakistan

And if you are lucky enough to get a pass by calling at Jeeto Pakistan head office number, then get prepared for crazy naghan dance, some funny games, eating compititions to win bike or you might be luck enough to get call for 20 tola gold game or number game to win a 800cc car. People use many tricks to get host’s attention in show. Like try to arrive early, to enter the show’s set early and, thus, get seat where. Fahas Mustafa may notice you sooner than others, explains one of the participant.

He knows how these things work because he has been to the show many times, along with his family. Also audience uses to attract the host’s attention. Some women dress like they would for a wedding — made-up and bedecked with jewellery. Some people bring their old family members who cant even walk. Just to get seat in front rows and get host’s sympathies. Others have made artworks to pay tribute to him. If you can shout louder, you might also have chance to get noticed. As there is one segment in show in which host calls for the most “Shor karnewala audience”.

Get prepared to take selfie with famous Fahad Mustafa or you might get chance to meet other TV stars too.

Jeeto Pakistan Live Call Number

If you are a camera-shy and don’t want to go to Karachi. Then Jeeto Pakistan also has opportunity to participate online. You just have to call at Jeeto Pakistan head office number which you can easily get from. Jeeto Pakistan game show website or facebook page. And answer a simple question asked by host and win exciting prizes like bike or some household electronic items. Or may be the gold if you are lucky enough. For more information about Jeeto Pakistan Live Call Number visit our website.

Inspite of all above tips and tricks and all praise about game show. I often think why do people participate in such activities, making a scene of them on television? The answer is not that open for the contestants, as well as those working at tv channels. There is more in a game show for the contestants. Than just the thirst for mobiles, bikes and other material gains.

Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Latest Information

One executive at famous tv channel says. The contestants are inspired by the vainglory of few seconds of fame that results from being seen on camera. If it does nothing else, it still wins them some immodest privileges. A chunky man wearing a glittery pink shirt, described his experience of being on show. He participated in crazy dance competition  (it costs him less than 800 bucks including fuel and snacks). And he returned home with a LCD and a ups worth almost 30,000 rupees.

His wife won mobile and a designer lawn dress by participating in a simple game: eating cake without using hands. Did not she expose herself to entertainment of others by doing such self-demeaning act? What demeaning or humiliating? He said, If it was humiliating, why did everyone in my circle tries to call at. Jeeto Pakistan head office number to get passes for the show ?” he giggles. Will he want to participate in a show again? “Yes, of course! Why not?”

Call From Different Cities at Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number

Not only from Karachi, people living in far-off towns make special efforts to be a part of Jeeto Pakistan show. Razia Bibi, a resident of Sheikhupura in Punjab, flied to Karachi exclusively to participate in Jeeto Pakistan game show, after her cousin told her he had show passes. “It’s a good amusement, very charming. It can become quite exciting, exclusively if you get a chance to play for a big prize,” she says. She won 3 tola gold, a mobile ,makeup kit and food factory, she told delightfully. You can easily participate in this show with help of Jeeto Pakistan head office number call any time.

Host of the Show Jeeto Pakistan

The host Fahad Mustafa has his faithful followers. Many of the audience irrespective of age, gender (but mostly teen aged girls). Attend the game show only to have a selfie with him. His bright smile and the way he yells out “Assalaaaamoalaikum Pakistaaaaan” with the full power of his lungs. Make the show more popular among audience than his compitetors. So, pickup the phone and call Jeeto Pakistan head office number to get a part of this exciting game show. Good Luck!

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