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“Lay Jao bhai…. Saab Lay Jao!” ………….. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number I thought it was a slogan for the local vendor at Sunday Bazaar but a closer examination of the Marketing ticker revealed it to be a Game show on a local TV channel. Being an introvert in nature and skeptical about good karma, I always have thought that these game shows are PRE RIGGED from the word “GO”. I mean how could you be throwing away costly prizes at people and still be making money out of it! (THAT’s MARKETING TACTICS 101……BUT EXSUSE MY IGNORANCE FOR BEING AN I.T. EXPERT) I remember seeing the first season of Jeeto Pakistan on TV and MAN OHH MAN……people were winning freebie motor bikes, cars, gold and cash prizes like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow. So I decided to see the show first hand in the next season of Ramadan and surely enough when the next year came, I gathered my strength (For I am Camera Shy), ate around 10,000 calories (the game show sometimes makes you do pushups for a prize) and rang the Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number to book me a “sit down” at Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number. The Jeeto Pakistan helpline number, as it turned out wasn’t much of a help since they told me that all the passes had been accounted for. Not a “GIVE UP EASY” I am, so my second phone call was to my good friend Mr. Mogambo (I can’t disclose his name since we are no longer on talking terms with each other). Mr. Mogambo is a notable social entity and there is nothing in this world that he cannot do or arrange for. I rang him and told him my sad of a story and he told me that he could arrange for the passes on one condition………his own self would be accompany me along too. “Two are better than one” I thought and the chances of winning the prizes would improve drastically, so I spit shacked Mr. Mogambo’s hand (FIGURITIVELY) and told him that he had a deal.

Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number

Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Numbar at Karachi Show 2019

That night I dreamt of coming home and announcing to my mother that “Maa tera baita Jetto Pakistan say crore patti baan kar aya hai” Such were my dreams of life and like any typical Pakistani, I too dreamt of becoming the next Bill Gates (TECHNICALLY………. RICH!) in a fortnight. Anyway, the day finally came when the world would know me by the slogan “lay gia saab…..bhai lay gai saab” I dressed in black attire since my horoscope recommended that black was my lucky color today, spilled some salt over my shoulder for charmed life, prayed to God that I would donate 1000 bucks at local charity if I won big and waited for Mr. Mogambo to pick me up. He came late as usual dressed like it was his wedding but I had no time to taunt him since I was locked and fixated on the game show ahead (brought an ISSB test book from local old book shop and tried memorizing it by heart). I thought it took us ages to reach the game show location and I constantly was cursing at my friend Mr. Mogambo for his lousy driving skills. I phoned the Jeeto Pakistan Help line Number to inquire about late comers and they assured me that our seats would be reserved for us only and would not be given to any other “parchi walay”. We reached the location well within half an hour of the show already under gone and I hurried away inside the building leaving my friend in the car behind. The “bouncer” at the gate asked for my pass and I realized that the passes were with my friend so I hurried back to my friend who was still locking his car and who gave me a cold stare as I was approached him, told him that I had gone ahead to make sure we get in without any hassle (YEAH I KNOW IT WAS A LAME EXSUSE) He shook his head in despair and told me to go do something to my private parts (I’ll be censoring the obscenity here so you can use your imagination) Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number at Show

ary jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019

The “Bigul bajao inam pao” segment was underway when we joined the show and people were answering questions like their life depended on it. Since the giveaway prizes are cheap in this segment (I LATER FOUND OUT THIS TO BE SO UNTRUE), I did not bother about it but then out of nowhere the host of the show “Fahad Mustafa” was standing over me and asking me if I would like to answer to his next question! Throbbing heartbeat, sweaty palms, eyes wide open, brain fully shut………I was in my primal state since I did not anticipate that my turn would come at such swift swipe but there the host was and here I was with my mouth open, staring at him like a bamboozled idiot. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number at Lahore

jeeto pakistan phone number for live call 2018

The host Fahad Mustafa must have felt my anxiety and hence told me to stand up and introduced myself. “UUGH…. EERR…..I Am Mr. so and so from Islamabad” I bleated like a goat! Mr. Host than asked me a Question to which I already knew the answer but because of my anxiety I had forgotten the answer to it. My friend Mr. Mogambo, was instead, cheerful and vivaciously heels over head in Mr. Mustafa’s presence. The host than turned to him and asked him the same question to which he answered in a calm cool way (I HATED HIM IN THAT MOMENT, FOR HIS COOLNESS). “YEAH LAYIN AP AIK LAPTOP KAY MALIK BAAN GAY” said the host to my friend. WAIT!………….WHAAAAA! ……. LAPTOP?????? my friend had just won a laptop and I was staring at the host and my friend like I had seen a ghost come out of the host’s back pocket. Sitting down, my friend smiled at me (SLICK SON OF HER MOTHER). I gathered myself, calmed my nerves and told myself that there was yet time and chance for me to win a better prize (I ALWAYS WANTED A LAPTOP FOR MYSELF *SNIFF*). The segment ended with lucky people winning electronics and a few motor cycles. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number pakistan

jeeto pakistan live call number 2018

Next segment was “DIL WALAY INAM LAY JAEN GAY” for the newlywed couple participate (NOT MY CUP OF TEA) followed by “HANDI CHARHAO INAM PAO” where people won prizes in cookery contest. The host than announced for the “CAR BACHAO GHAR LAY JAO” to start…………. yeah…………the segment I had been waiting for impatiently. I even changed my seats so that I had a better chance of being asked a question (LEFT MY FRIEND’s SIDE ‘Because HE WAS A LOOSER……GRRRR). In “CAR BACHAO GHAR LAY JAO” segment, the public was asked some difficult questions because the winning prize was a car. The host approached some guy and asked him for the capital of

UGANDA!……..Wait……………its Kampala! I knew the answer to this question. I prayed the host would see my hand raised like an eager schoolboy but to no avail. The person could not answer the question but the person sitting next to him did…….and to my surprise it turned out to be Mr. Mogambo. He had won a car!!! I could not believe this was happening to me. I had spilled my salt, I had avoided black cats to cross my path and I had done nearly everything that could have had brought good luck to me but there Mr. Mogambo was with his full set of teeths on display for the whole world……………because he had won a car! I controlled my rage and my hate for Mr. Mogambo at that time. I even thought about calling the Jeeto Pakistan Help Line Number to inform them that Mr. Mogambo had a suicide vest installed under his shirt and that he would blow away at any given moment. I was conspiring in my mind while I missed two more segments of the game show. Anyhow I tried to come back into the game by shifting my position to a better vantage point. The segment “BAAT BANTI HAI” was underway but since it was a purely feminine gender segment in which they could win gold, I thought I would be better off if I planned for the next round of question answers soon after this segment. All of a sudden the crowd went wild! I thought maybe Mr. Fahad Mustafa had invited Miss Sunny Leon on the stage as a surprise celebrity but then I found out that the woman in “BAAT BANTI HAI” segment had won 10-tola Gold! “That’s how the lady luck grants her favorite people” I thought. Mr. Fahad Mustafa was now distributing “SAHULAT BAZAAR” vouchers to random audience members. NOPE! I wasn’t going for it because what possibly would I do with a Sahulat Bazaar voucher. Suddenly Mr. Host came towards my seat. “HERE IS A VOUCHER FOR YOU” said Fahad Mustafa. Yes, he was talking to me and I could see pity in his eyes. Automatically I stood up, took the voucher and did a victory dance like I had won a million dollars. Trust me, I was under my primal instinct again and the long urge of winning something out of pure sheer luck overtook my senses. I wanted riches and I was capable of taking it all as per their slogan but at that moment, nothing of this world could have given me more joy than to hold a Sahulat bazaar card of amount 1000 rupees. People were laughing at me for overreaction but to hell with them, I thought. Finally, in my long miserable life I had won something! I was something! God had send me for this same reason of winning a voucher and my life meant some meaning to me at last (ONE BECOMES DELUSIONAL AFTER SERATON OVERLOAD………. THE HAPPY HARMON). I tried looking for my friend to see his reaction but he was lost to the crowd. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number 2018

ary jeeto pakistan contact number karachi 2019

The last segment of the game show came. “KHUL GAI QISMAT”. The host asks for various random items from the crowd like an old bank note or something that you would not normally carry around in your back pocket. The prizes are handsome and I had come packed with various silly items in my pocket which ranged from 1980 bank note to a used contraceptive device (YOU CAN NEVER KNOW WHAT HE MIGHT ASK FOR). The host asked for anyone with a balloon. Now I was a bit confused! Would my thing qualify as a balloon? Should I take it out and ask the host himself if this contraceptive device would make do for a balloon! I think I must have done something good in my life because my 6th sense told me not to follow my instincts on this (AND THE FACT THAT THIS IS A FAMILY GAME SHOW). Someone came up with a balloon in his pocket and Wollah! The crowd went wild again. I mean what is wrong with this crowd. It wreaks of havoc every time someone wins something. I sheepishly eyed the winner and there Mr. Mogambo was…………. taking the key to his new Motorcycle. At that point I gave up and I knew for a fact that I was not in God’s favor today and that the lady luck I so blatantly wished to charm was infact in love with my friend today. Suddenly I hated everything around me, the people………. the game show……. the crowd………. even the beautiful game show support girl who I had eyed for the entire game show and who responded to me too (I AM NO BRAD PITT BUT I MAKE DO WHEN I HAVE TO). I got up like a sore looser that I was, made my way out of the building and came towards the car of my friend in which we had arrived earlier. Life had lost its purpose and the only consolation prize it gave me was a Sahulat voucher worth a thousand bucks (My Sleeve of Cigarettes costs more than a 1000 bucks) I heard people coming out of the building, pointing to the fact that the game show had ended. I put myself together for my friend’s arrival. After all I would have to congratulate him on his winnings (I STILL WAS HAVING THOUGHTS OF RINGING Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number AND TELLING THEM OF MY FRIEND’S SUICIDE VEST). this show Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number to Call Now.

I waited and waited and then I did some more waiting but my friend Mr. Mogambo was out of mind and out of sight. I approached the guard who stood at the entrance and inquired if some of the winning contestants were, infact still in the vicinity. The guard told me that everyone had left. I explained to him that I had come with a friend of mine who had won big in the game show and that I was waiting for him besides his car. The guard smiled and told me that, that particular person had left in his newly won car and that he had instructed him that he would come back for his car in the lot after a few hours (RASCAL!!!!) I knew what he meant but I ignored his remarks and acted as if it was all a pre-planned thing with me and my friend. I cursed Mr. Mogambo, prayed that may he get into an accident in his new car and spend the rest of his life in a hospital covered in cast. I started walking slowly towards a taxi stand that I saw, asked the driver how much would he charge for a particular destination. The taxi driver must have felt my dejected-ness as he told me a reasonable amount to which I agreed. During my trip in the taxi I swore never to attend a game show ever again and shook my head to none existence of lady luck and good karma. My house came and as I was paying the cab-driver, I reached in my inner pocket of my jacket, took out the SAHULAT BAZAAR VOUCHER and handed it over to the “Cab chacha”. “CHACHA AYESHI KAR” I said!… like I had tipped him a thousand dollars. The cab chacha looked at the voucher and then he looked at me. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number for a game show. I told him I had won this voucher in a game show and that I wanted him to have it. I think the chacha must have made up his mind not to take it and that would have been like an insult to injury for me so without further a-due notice, I sprang out of his cab and I could hear the cab chacha shouting something behind my back. I smiled and felt good at this “GIVEAWAY CHARITY”. Something in my heart whispered to me…… “Don’t cry because it is over……. Smile because it happened”. “Silly Heart”! I said before I disappeared into my home. So why does Islamabad not have its own game show? I remember calling Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number and telling them to shift their game show to Islamabad. The person who attended my call was very courteous and polite and he told me in a very subtle tone that the number of audience member attending the Jeeto Pakistan gameshow in Karachi was always equal (or at times more) to the total population of Islamabad. I knew he was joking but he was giving me a message between lines. Crowd of Islamabad could never get wild and crazy like the crowd of Karachi or Lahore for we have our classiness to consider (BORE LOG) For a game show to be doing well, a lot of it depends on how the crowd interacts with the host and the gameshow. We, Islamabadies would be sighing, taking deep breaths and then sighing some more, if ever a gameshow was in our town (OUR PINDI NEIGHBOURS, HOWEVER, ARE BAT SHiT WILD AND CRAZY). Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number at karachi

jeeto pakistan live call number in show

Jokes apart, what I really appreciate about Jeeto Pakistan game show is its timing which is in the month of Ramadan. I have heard people criticizing game shows like these, saying that it is an utterly waste of one’s time and that people should be going about their Travih and prayers but instead the Satin has trapped them in his devil’s-work. I don’t disagree with prayers and all but I think that a prayer is a matter of a person and his maker and it’s nobody’s business to interfere with. The soul of Ramadan is to sacrifice……. physically, financially and mentally. I think what these games shows are doing, should be followed by everyone, and what they are doing you ask? They are giving away, throwing hundreds of thousands of rupees in prizes to people who might have not been able to afford it otherwise. Karachi has suffered a lot due to terrorism and extremism during the past decade and its people need to unwind. Decade of mental torture has turned into full blown psychosis for the people of Karachi and games shows like these are a big distraction, only if it is for a few hours at time. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number live show. So giving expensive prizes in Ramadan in game shows like Jeeto Pakistan is not in any way, a head on collision with the way of Islam but it is in accordance with to the teachings of Islam. Mr. Fahad Mustafa has conducted the show in a very professional way (BETTER THEN MOST OF THE GAME SHOW HOSTS) and his charisma and energy has set high standard benchmarks for the game shows to come. Bottom line is that Fahad Mustafa has done his part and has played his heart out for this show and because of that, now Jeeto Pakistan stands at #1 Rank amongst the game shows. I even know for a fact that this show has a huge audience overseas (FOLLOWERS OF SATAN, ACCORDING TO SOME MULLAHS) Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number at Best Game show

Any Information jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number Show

So you see now that it’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved. The sponsors get to advertise their product, people get to spend some good time with their family (It’s a family show) and win some lush prizes (mobile phones, cash prizes, gold, motorbikes, laptops, electronic items, cars etc.) and at the end of the day everyone goes to their home happy and that is all there is to it. So my friend if you are bat shit crazy and want to spend some happy dimes, pick up your phone, call Jeeto Pakistan head office number and book yourself a sitting with the charmed lady luck. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number at 2017 This Game show  jeeto pakistan helpline number our website. jeeto Pakistan is a game show a show where the fun began and the prizes are just thrilling and based on game show which is worth watching and participating it is aired in ary digital an exciting and riches around all the corner in front of all the people and crowd nobody goes home empty handed

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